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Degrassi has ruined my life.
Norielle. 20. Eclare has butchered my soul.
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Tbh I didn’t mind the clew friendship and it didn’t bother me when they kissed (mainly because I ship laislinn… well, only because I ship laislinn) but I have to say my stomach turned when I watched the sneak peek. This is not the Clare Edwards I loved. Eclare died a long time ago when Eli screwed around with Lenore (it’s obvs not been confirmed but in my opinion she gave him head at least that’s what it sounded like). I really don’t think they should be together anymore. It’s actually kinda disgusting what they do behind each other’s backs. M

Anonymous: Are you sure they have the A plot they had the C plot last week?


Yep they have the very first scene in the episode and on tvguide it says as the first sentence how Clare chooses between Eli and Drew and things get explosive.


Clare is acting so excited to sneak off with drew so they can hook up. I’m going to vomit. “No tears…….. well not many”. Really. He was the freaking love of your life and you don’t even care. I’m so done.

Anonymous: Do you think clare still loves eli? Or vise versa, im sure eli stil loves clare I mean if he didn't wouldnt he just break up with her? ugh i just want them to be happy and endgame the writers ruined them.


I don’t know how Clare is feeling tbh. I do think she does still love him, but she just reached her breaking point. I mean long distance is hard enough, but he cheated and she probably lost a lot of trust in him. She isn’t as over it as she acts and never getting to see him doesn’t help. I know she said the relationship has been over for awhile, but I don’t think that means she is out of love with him. It sucks she is gonna jump at Drew the next day, but I think its more of he is there, cute, and nice to her. He feeds her all this bad stuff about Eli and manipulates her when she is vulnerable. I don’t have any doubt in my mind about how much Eli loves Clare. I want them to be endgame too. I still think we might get it, but at that point lots of the fans of them flew the coop. Its like here we will give you eclare endgame after putting them through hell and destroying everything you love about them in the worst way possible.



Yo if they try to keep Clare back and not have her graduate I’m gonna rage this girl needs to go and get away from that fucking school

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